Virtual Language Arts Tutoring Program

Langauge Arts Tutoring Raleigh

Pillar Program

Course Overview:

  • 3rd – 12th Grades
  • One 90-minute session per week
  • Placement assessment and periodic benchmarks
  • Small groups

Course Description:

Students will learn and master the skills necessary to become confident readers, writers, and communicators. Our instructor-led group discussions help students form and convey complex opinions about important topics. Students will work in small groups with peers of the same level, allowing everyone to learn and grow together. Call  919-435-7323 to set up your free assessment. 

Reading EOG Preparation Program

Writing Program

Course Overview:
  • One-on-one Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Individualized Learning

Course Description:

Ivy Reads’ writing program transforms students into confident and effective communicators. Through weekly one-on-one sessions with our expert instructors, students will learn to effectively research, write, edit, and present materials for their peers. Every fourth session is an exciting presentation day where students practice verbally communicating their ideas. Learning to read, think, and communicate is an essential skill for getting into college, succeeding at college, and entering the workforce.

Homeschooling Homework Help

Course Overview:
  • Small Group Sessions
  • Help Students Learn New Concepts
  • Help Students Understand Homework

Course Description:

Students will be spending a lot of time learning new material virtually. We recognize that this is not going to be the easiest venture for many students. The Ivy Reads team has decades of teaching experience at would like to be there to help your student through this year’s virtual learning. We will be providing daily homework help hours for students to drop into our Zoom, ask any questions they have about their material, and work on homework with a live instructor.

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