SAT/ACT Summer Program

Prepare for this year’s SAT/ACT with your local English and Mathematics experts.

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June 14th through August 5th
$550 for English or Math Only
$1000 for English and Math


The SAT/ACT Summer Program can be focused solely on English, Mathematics, or both. We are working with our sister company, Mathnasium, to ensure a comprehensive program. Sessions will be virtual or in-person depending on the state of Covid-19.

90-minute weekly group lectures form the basis of the program. Students enrolled in preparation for the English section will attend weekly one-on-one sessions focused on guided reading comprehension. Students enrolled in preparation for the Math section will attend a strategic combination of one-on-one sessions and supplemental small-group sessions to allow each student time and guidance to fill the gaps in their skills.


Meghan McCann
Perfect score on the mathematics section of the SAT and GRE
Prepared multiple students who scored perfect scores on the SAT
Currently finishing her Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota

Holly McCann
1590 on the SAT with a perfect score on the mathematics section
Scored a 36 on all three sections of the ACT
Currently studying at Georgia Tech

Jeff McCarthy
Perfect score on the science section of the ACT
Over 10 years of teaching experience
Owner of Ivy Reads and previous director of Mathnasium

Program Dates and Times

June 5th – 12thFirst Practice Tests
Week of June 14thOne-on-one instruction to create learning plan
June 14th – July 24th90-minute, weekly, small-group sessions on special topics
Week of July 4thSecond Practice Test
Week of July 25th Final Practice Test and a one-on-one session to go over the final test

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